City Fire Siren Sounds

The link below is the City of Platteville siren sound for fire calls. This siren is a repeating wail sound. It is used whenever a fire call has been received and dispatched through the Police Department. It will only be used between 6AM and 10PM. It will sound for anywhere from 1 minute to 3 minutes. When the public hears this siren, we ask that they be more aware of their surroundings and if driving, pull over if they see someone behind their vehicle with red or white flashing lights. If not in a vehicle, please stay away from the streets.

The next siren is the City of Platteville tornado or severe weather siren. It is a long steady unchanging tone. It is used whenever there is imminent danger from a tornado or extreme weather that has been seen within the Platteville area. This siren can be used at any time 24 hours a day if there is a danger to the city. This siren will continue throughout the emergency. There is no "All Clear" signal, we just ask that you be very cautious after this siren has sounded. We caution all residents to not go out looking for the severe weather, but to take cover in a base, storm cellar, or interior room without windows. The roads should be used by emergency responders at the time of this type of emergency. If you need help, call 911 from a land line or mobile phone.

These sirens are tested every "first Wednesday" of the month starting at noon.