So what does it take to become a volunteer firefighter? Here are some frequently asked question that will help you decide.

Q: I’d like to join, but I’m busy and not always available. Can I still join?
A: This is the same situation for every member. That’s why you are important. While we have some minimum requirements, we ask people to respond when they are available. There is no set “duty roster” that requires you to be present at certain times.

Q: How many members make up the department?
A: The fire department staffing is set at a maximum of 60 active members. All the active members live within a five-mile radius of the station. Some work in Platteville and others work outside the fire district. Members come from a variety of occupations, many start with no firefighting experience, just a desire to learn and help provide valuable community service.

Q: With so many active members, why do you need me?
A: There are times when members are not available to respond. There is strength in numbers; our need for new members is not only desirable, it is necessary.

Q: Are the Platteville Fire members paid?
A: No, we are an organization made up of all volunteers with varying occupations. This means members of the department do not receive compensation for their work.

Q: Is there a way to learn more about the Platteville Fire Department, to see if I would be interested in joining?
A: We have a 30-hour Citizens Academy, of which nine hours are devoted to the fire department. Nine hours provides a taste of what fire fighting is about. The Citizens Academy is available after the first of the year.

Q: I’d like to join but I have no experience. How can I learn?
A: No problem. If you are willing to learn, we have training that every new firefighter goes through to become familiar with the apparatus and equipment. We also do extra training with more hands-on training at our fire station on odd Monday nights.

Q: Is there a required amount of time you must put in?
A: Yes.  Members must attend 25% of all alarms and 50% of meetings and drills. (Drills are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Monday nights).

Q: Is there someone I can contact if I have more questions?
A: Yes, contact any current Platteville Firefighter or contact Chief Ryan Simmons at 608-348-7826 after 4 pm.

Fire Explorers

Not old enough to join the fire department?

If you are between 14 - 21 years of age and have graduated 8th grade you can join the Platteville Fire Explorers. They meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month. For more questions email