Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about membership

I'd Like to join, but I'm busy and not always available

A lack of time is the same for for all of our volunteer firefighters. That is why YOU are important. While we have some minimum attendance requirements, all we ask is for people to respond when they are available. There is no set "duty roster" that requires anyone to be present at certain times.

What are these minimum attendance requirements of firefighters?

The 2nd Monday of every month is our Drill Night. The 4th Monday of each month is our meeting night. We ask that all members make 50% of all meetings and drills. We also ask that firefighters respond to 25% of the calls for service.

Do I have to live in the city of Platteville, what if I am in the township?

All our members live with in our response district.

How many members make up the Platteville Fire Department?

We are allowed to have up to 60 members but lately the membership is typically between 40 and 50 active members.

With so many members, why would you need me?

Not everyone is available when calls come. Work, family, illness and many other reasons prevent firefighters from responding. So for a Volunteer group like ours, the strength comes in numbers. With more members there is a higher likelihood of getting enough people to handle a call for service.

Is the Platteville Fire Department paid?

No, this is a volunteer department. Individual firefighters give freely of their time for training, drills, and calls for service.

What training is required to be a firefighter?

The State of Wisconsin requires a class called "Entry Level Firefighter" that needs to be completed during the first two years of membership. This class is 60 hours that is provided at no cost for our members. Firefighters who wish to take more training to become "certified firefighters" can choose to take those classes, also at no cost to the firefighter.

We also do in-house trainings on Monday nights.

But I don't have any experience. . .

No problem. Almost all of our firefighters have no prior experience. All of our volunteers come from a variety of occupations (Information Technology, Teachers, Plumbers, Automotive Industry, Farmers, Factory Workers, Retail, and many other fields). If you are willing to learn we will make sure you have the experience needed to safely be part of our team.

Questions about Fire Department Operations

Do the volunteers need to use those sirens on their cars?

Yes. An emergency that requires a response from the Fire Department should receive a rapid and safe response. Wisconsin Law requires that emergency responders use a red light AND siren if they are to request the right of way and bypass stop signs or red stop lights but may only do so using due regard for the safety of others.

Why do emergency vehicles go in multiple directions?

When a call comes in for a fire department response, some of the firefighters and officers respond directly to the scene of the incident to assess the situation. However, the majority of the members respond to the station to get the trucks and equipment needed for the incident. They then go to the incident with the fire trucks using red lights and sirens.