Some of the equipment that the Platteville Fire Department uses for fighting fires and at car crashes includes:

Personal Equipment and Protective Equipment


All volunteer firefighters carry a Motorola Minitor Pager. These pagers are like radios. When a dispatcher activates the pagers, they let out an alert tone or vibrate to get the attention of the firefighter, then broadcast the message of the dispatcher telling where the fire department is needed for an emergency.


An SCBA or, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, is used by firefighters every time they go into a building that is filled with smoke or toxic gases. A firefighter wearing an SCBA breathes clean air regardless of the atmosphere around him or her.

Fire Fighting Equipment

5-Inch Supply Hose

We use this large diameter hose to supply water from the hydrants to our pumpers.

Attack hose

We use a number of different sized hoses from 1 to 3 inch in diameter for attacking fires.


We use a number of different nozzles to direct water out of the hose and onto the fire. Some nozzles direct the water out in a straight and focused stream of water to cut right into the heat of the flame. Some create a cone of water that acts like a wall to protect firefighters from the heat. Others are like the one pictured here that can be adjusted to do both.

Rescue Equipment

Hurst Tool/JAWS of Life

Our JAWS of Life come as a multi-part tool system. Pictured here are the spreaders (top) and the cutters (bottom). The spreaders are able to pry open doors or pry pieces of metal away from each other. The cutters are a very powerful set of scissors, able to cut many parts of a car off for easy access to the victim.