Fire Suppression

The Platteville Fire Department provides many services to our community. Many of these are very important but fire suppression is our top priority. We pride ourselves on being well-equipped and well-trained to tackle any fire from a small grass fire to a large structure fire.

From the time the pagers go off until all the equipment is back at our station we strive to work efficiently and safely to put the fire out.

Decisions made at the scene of a fire are based on three important factors:

1) Life Safety
2) Incident Stabilization
3) Property Conservation

Crash Extrication

Providing vehicle crash extrication is another service the Platteville Fire Department provides to the citizens and visitors to our community. When we are paged out for a Motor Vehicle Accident we typically respond with Truck 6 (our rescue truck) Engine 9 (our back-up pumper that also carries foam packs and extra cribbing), Truck 5 (our brush truck that has a mini pump, foam pack and has a steel cable winch) and if extra traffic control is needed Truck 4 (one of the water tenders) will also respond.

Prior to any extrication we have to make sure the vehicle we are working on is stable. This entails using cribbing, rescue jacks and air bags to make sure the vehicle will not move as we work.

We work closely with the Platteville Police Department, Grant & Lafayette County Sheriff's Departments and the Wisconsin State Patrol to determine the best way to control traffic. We make every effort to keep at least one lane open for others to drive by, but sometimes for the safety of our responders and the victims of the accident we must shut the road down completely. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause the other drivers.

Technical Rescue

The Platteville Fire department has a team of people with specialized training for rope and confined space rescue. We have much of the specialized equipment for these rescues on Tower 1 and Truck 6.

Grant County Emergency Management also has a multi-department Technical Rescue team we can call out for extra manpower and equipment. The county team is made up of volunteers from many of the fire and ambulance services in the area including Platteville's.

Fire Prevention and Fire Inspections

Fire Prevention is one of the most important services we can offer. The easiest fire to put out is one that never happened.

We try to educate people on looking for possible fire hazards and how to eliminate them. We also perform routine fire inspections on all public buildings, places of employment and schools in our response area. We do follow-up inspections to make sure any violations noted are corrected.

Another focus is being prepared. Fires can happen at anytime and anywhere and we need to take steps to alert us of any danger. Smoke detectors are by far the most important safety device you can install in your home, the key is keeping them maintained. Early detection of a fire will give you the opportunity to react and survive a fire.

Finally educating children how to react to fire can make the difference between surviving a fire or being a victim. We conduct drills in schools and educational programs for our children to prepare them for emergencies. Platteville fire also encourages our local youth to participate in the state fire prevention poster contest. We are happy that the schools in Plateville regularly have finalists and winners of local and state level poster contests.